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One Day if I go to Heaven,I’ll look around and say “It ain’t bad, but it ain’t San Francisco.” —— Herb Caen

San Francisco, a beautiful pearl on the west coast of the USA. People love its breathtaking sceneries and diverse cultures. Even not in the city, people still always dream about this magical city of literature and art. Also, being the center of fashion on the US west coast, San Francisco has always been an inspiration for artists and provided them a huge stage to show their talent. High fashion brands from all over the world have flagship stores in the city, and there are countless new products launches and fashion shows happening every year. With the highly developed communication and broadcasting methods, and the city’s own glamour, San Francisco catches attention worldwide for the events take place in here. The beauty of art and fashion certainly can blossom in this city.

Asian Artists of USA Association will donate part of the fund raised by '2016 Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant'and 'San Francisco International Fashion Week' to the children in Jiali Tun Liantuan Village Masi Town Yicheng County Guangxi Province in China, helping them build new schools. Thank you for your time, and we are looking forward to working with you. Welcome to San Francisco!

下一站,挑战 今年是我从事时尚工作的第15年。在这些岁月里,我承接过无数的项目,经历过欢笑,也曾泪洒现场。 我是幸运的,因为我赶上了一个互联网时代。从过去人们只能亲临现场,到如今打开网页就可以接受来自五湖四海的信息,这一切让我们可以沟通顺畅,知晓全球的变迁。 在承接旧金山时装周之前,我有过很强烈的思想斗争,因为从团队的组建,项目的运营,媒介的效应,外界的反馈是一项系统工程,不能有半点疏忽。我十分乐意成为中美桥梁的缔造工程师,把中国的时尚文化和理念带进美国,跟所有的同行和朋友一起探讨,研究,共同学习,互换宝贵经验。 中国拥有五千年博大精深的文化,它可以让全世界的朋友去细细寻味。美国拥有高度自由的社会风貌,发达的管理体系,我想,这种结合可以是让我们有共同语言的。 我很庆幸在我的生命里,有很多人帮助我,让我实现自我艺术价值,让我的梦想更接近现实。我很希望通过我们中美两国团队的共同努力,借助旧金山时装周这个健康的平台,实现多赢。 亲爱的朋友,谢谢你们的支持,让我们一起努力加油。我想,现在我正面临着又一次艰巨的挑战! 旧金山国际时装周总导演 卓凡 Benjamin Wong


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Asian Artists of USA association sincerely invite you to come to the United States of America, California, San Francisco bay area, to attend “ San Francisco International Fashion Week — 2017 S/S”. This fashion week is based on the concept of “ have a foothold locally but also look forward worldwide”, and is aiming towards both creative designing and commercial merchandise. With international standard broadcasting condition and multi angled promotion and comprehensive publicity, San Francisco International Fashion Week will form a very solid exhibition with very strong influence power. We choose designers from different parts of the world with diverse culture background. This fashion week will be a gathering for outstanding designers, buyers, media and other industry-related professionals; the best chance to communicate, share ideas, inspire sparkles and boost commercial cooperation.


Zac Posen / Designer

Zachary E. "Zac" Posen is an American fashion designer. In February 2014, Posen partnered with another major retailer, David's Bridal, to create Truly Zac Posen, a line of affordable bridal gowns. The line was Posen's first official bridal collection. Also in 2014, he was named Creative Director for Brooks Brothers, tapped to modernize their signature women's clothing and accessories line. In 2014, he introduced a more casual Pre-Fall 2015 Trunk Show collection.


Chris Benz / Designer

Chris Benz is an American fashion designer. He gained early recognition as a recipient of a CFDA scholarship while attending Parsons School of Design. Benz interned with Marc Jacobs in college, then worked at J.Crew, before launching his own collection in 2007. His signatures include use of color, texture and prints, as well as subversion of traditional dressmaking codes and techniques. His collection is available in stores throughout United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He was inducted into the CFDA in 2009.


刘清扬 / Designer



Sara Shepherd / Designer

Another Academy of Art alum (it is our hotbed for design talent), Shepherd logged in time at the famed Central St. Martins before jumping the pond to S.F. Not surprisingly, her collection is based on classic British tailoring techniques, combined with her new American lifestyle ... which, by the looks of things, seems to be a tad goth-chic in nature. Ladies with a hankering for severely cut jackets and frocks, this is your girl.。


薄月 / Designer

纽约独立设计师品牌KIKOELVES 创始人兼设计总监,知名时尚策划人。曾经担任PLITZS NEW YORK FASHION WEEK CHINA 的策划人一职以及多类品牌的时尚顾问与造型总监,与此同时,薄月女士也拥有非常丰富的打造国际时尚项目的资深经验与创新能力。。


Camelia Skikos / Designer

One look at the offerings above, and it's clear this former head designer at Levi's knows a thing or two about sharp tailoring. The Romanian-born talent (also an instructor at the Academy of Art) launched her own label in 2010 and for the past two years has kept her focus squarely on local production and fierce geometric designs.


兰玉 / Designer



卜柯文 / Designer

是国内顶尖造型师;与范冰冰合作多年,是其御用造型师。2010年戛纳电影节,她的那身“龙袍装”;2011年国家宣传片上,她的那条青花瓷瓶裙。其说是他成就了范冰冰的时尚女王之路,惊艳戛纳的仙鹤装就是自创品牌“CHRIS BU”系列后的第一套定制礼服。


张弛 / Designer

著名先锋时装设计师。毕业于意大利Istituto Marangoni,身为时装硕士设计出的时装往往是华美奢侈的风格,细腻精致的做工加卓越不凡品味的完美统一体。同名时装品牌ChiZhang常展现独特无双的“错位”剪裁以及“拼接”手法,深受西方欧美时装业界的瞩目。

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